Pillsbury Mills Site Owners Face Fines over Illegal Asbestos Removal

Illinois – Former Pillsbury Mills plant owners are facing $500 per day fines retroactive to 9th September after circuit court found that they failed to contain hazardous asbestos material and secure the worksite on the NE side of Springfield.

 Judge Hon. John Madonia found last month that Midwest Demolition Company, P Mills LLC, and Midwest Demolition owner Joey Chernis in civil contempt. The court decided that the defendants willfully failed to keep a project designer for the asbestos abatement, and failed to secure the property timely with enough signage. A P Mills representative says although an engineering company specialized in asbestos abatement has been hired, the cleanup demanded by the environmental regulators is affordable.

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 The judge set a fine of $500 per day if the business fails to hire a licensed asbestos abatement contractor and fails to properly secure the worksite, court documents say. A status court hearing on compliance has been scheduled for December 7.

 The office of the attorney general sued Midwest Demolition, P Mills, Joe Chernis and Joey Chernis in last August after investigators with the state Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported illegal asbestos abatement, including numerous polythene bags containing asbestos-contaminated debris. Additionally, inspectors found holes in security fence and proof of trespassing. They described the plant as a significant hazard to the environment as well as the general public.

 Joey Chernis, a P Mills partner, said hiring an engineering company alone has cost approximately $15,000. He said Midwest Demolition shouldn’t be held accountable for security and asbestos problems created by the site’s former owners. He said they haven’t gained anything other than a big headache from the 18-acre site, located at 1525 East Phillips Street. Chernis says the group really wants to resolve all the issues. But neither Midwest Demolition nor P Mills can afford the costs of asbestos removal, he said. Chernis says he has also found it hard to secure the worksite due to break-ins and vandalism.

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